Exclusive interpretation move for you, why marriage day

Many people know that arise when some events in life, and one day, that is to choose an ideal day to develop ideas. Such as building, from the ground-breaking, Shin, and set up the doors l beams, kitchen, home, according to the previous principles, each program will need to choose an auspicious day auspicious times. Opened again, marriage and so on, almost everyone will please professionals day. Some people say this is superstition, formalism. But life frequently occur without attention to date in a series of bad things, these examples are usually less. So, if for the wrong idea, saying these are superstitious about these lightly, wait until something bad happens, a rude awakening.
Why good days? Usually there are a lot of people have a wrong idea, thought Feng Shui universal day. As long as there's good Feng Shui, then had a good day, rich high. It is also a lot of people said, you can Feng Shui auspicious day, why are you not rich you? When faced with such cynicism, already felt no need to retort. Friends say these things, their cognitive understanding is limited to "Heaven" in the person. They forget that there are days. Pop said, is safety. It is also a lot of friends really think so, don't think of good Feng Shui life can give you rich and want peace. Christmas, after all, it will slowly. Peace if there is no, and later was in vain.
What a good day for? Good day everyone, but good, is only one aspect of human resources, everything and all? For example, gravity was bad enough, but it does not mean the world with gravity, can solve all the problems. Gravity applies to the Earth, it is not a panacea. Feng Shui is the same, it really exists in life, just like gravity, suitable for life, doesn't mean it's universal. Select the maximum intended should be the avoidance of a good standard but few people know of the day. And as said above, a lot of people thought a day make sure you very well-off can be called is a good day. But this is the wrong idea, so some geomancer tend to make a mistake is one-sided pursuit of wealth on the day. Real good days, first to avoid mistakes. As a committed, it is easy to have some xiongshi and something bad happens. Such as triple play this year to the North, sit in the North to the South of the House would avoid building, promotion, decoration and so on. Five yellow to the Southwest this year, and House made bogey this year toward the Southwest, moving house, renovation, such as ground-breaking. Only make mistakes, is the preferred standard. And not to animals, such as you're moving, election day cannot be rushed with the your zodiac sign. To cite an example, belong to the mouse cannot vote in the afternoon, we've moved, married, and so on. Ensure that on the basis of these two, through expertise, combined with his level, through the daily class schedule, can bring to the host on the fiscal, work, wait for good on marriage, it would be icing on the cake.
Actually said that day, that there is a lot of learning. Because choosing the good life, are things to take into account all aspects. But regardless of who, which one, inseparable from the Sun. Like everything on this earth, under the influence of the Sun. So, I talk with people, I have always emphasized the role of the Sun, status or importance. Although it is not everything, but without it, is really indispensable. Optional daily maximum depth and level of State, associated with the Sun.